Stewards to the Garden & Grounds of the Cathedral Since 1916

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History and Photos

The Old Baptistry (pdf)

A Timeline for the Herb Cottage 

  • In 1904, the Cottage was completely built and being used as the Baptistry for the not yet completed Cathedral. It is one of the oldest buildings on the Close. It fell into disuse some years after the cornerstone for the Cathedral was laid in 1907.

  • AHG started using it about 1916, but only as a place to store plants and seedlings which they sold to raise funds for the gardens. World War I curtailed some activity but in 1934 the Guild was asked to become custodian of the Cottage. It was named The Herb Cottage because AHG sold herbs from the herb garden adjacent to the building. By then it was 30 years old. 

  • In 1956, renovation on the interior was performed. Again, in 1978, more renovation was done.

  • In the 1960's, "Baby Pan" appeared at Cottage entryway - a gift from the Faulkner family. 

  • In 1997, Horsey and Thorpe Architects restored the building, leaded-glass windows were fully revealed and skylight roof repaired, made possible by a generous bequest from Phyllis Nitze, former AHG member, Read More.

  • In 1999, restoration of the front entrance - a gift from Board member, McCall Revercomb in memory of her husband, Judge George Revercomb.

  • November, 2004, Cottage building was 100 years old. Bishop John B. Chane blessed the Cottage in a small ceremony following the Annual Meeting.

  • September, 2011, a crane working to repair earthquake damage to the Cathedral, fell on the Cottage severely damaging it. The Herb Cottage on South Road has been closed since that time, but was temporarily re-located on the B-2 level of the parking garage.  After several years in that location, the Guild decided to close the Shop because it was not financially feasible to continue operations in the garage location.

Crane Damage