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Facebook Welcome! All Hallows Guild of Washington National Cathedral offers garden> and  'Tea Tours'>, specialty gifts in the Herb Cottage store>, support for the Cathedral’s grounds, and the annual Flower Mart> celebration each May.


  •  For a "dose of spring".   Enjoy these photos taken in the Bishop's Garden, this May, click here>>
  • Volunteers are needed and our summer interns have left:   in the Woods and Bishop's Garden to assist the horticulture staff with routine gardening tasks.  Currently work days are Tuesday in the Bishop's Garden, Thursday in the Woods and the 3rd Saturday of the month. If you are interested or wish more information, call Joe Luebke, Director of Horticulture at 202 537-5788; or Toni Kislear, Horticulture Manager at:  202 537-5773.
  • Welcome to the National Tropical Botanical Garden Group - who will be touring the Bishop's Garden on October 6th.
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